“Scariest Night of Your Life” [Feature] Horror (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k)
"House Harker"                                   [Feature] Horror/Comedy (RED Scarlet, RED Dragon, Sony A7S)
-Best Film, Audience Choice - Nocturna Madrid International
-Best Film, Audience Choice - Big Water Film Festival

"Touch of the Devil"                          [Feature] Horror/Drama (Panasonic HD)
"Monster and Me"                              [Feature] Family/Xmas (RED ONE MX)
"Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling"  [Feature] Thriller/Drama (Canon EOS HD)
-Marverick Movie Awards nominees
"Nursery Rhymes"                              [Feature] Action/Thriller (Canon EOS HD)

"Honey Pot"                                        [Short] Dark Comedy (Arri Alexa, Blackmagic)
-Honorable Mention, Hollywood Comedy Shorts
"No Hay Nada Mas"                         [short] Drama (35mm Panavision)
“Renovation”                                      [Short] Drama (s16mm Panavision)
"A Happy Medium"                          [Short] Drama (Arri Alexa)
"Jury Duty"                                         [Short] Drama/nior (S16mm B&W)
"The Black Prison"                          [Short] Drama (RED Epic Dragon)
"Heather's Appetite"                      [Short] Drama/thriller (RED Epic Dragon)
"Peephole"                                         [Short] Drame/thriller (RED Epic Dragon)
"Grief"                                                 [Short] Drama/Horror (RED Scarlet)
"Walk Tall, Swing Easy"                 [Short] Period Thriller/Crime Fiction (RED Scarlet)
"Caposhi Pop"                                    [Short] Period Thriller/Crime Fiction (RED Scarlet)
-Winner, best short film - Chandler International Film Festival
-Winner, best drama short - Hollywood Blvd Film Festival
-Winner, best director - The Monthly Film Festival
-Winnder, best short - Feel the reel Film Festival
"Follow Me, Please” [Short] Thriller/Horror (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Fantasy Pony” [Short Mockumentary] (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Audition” [Short] Comedy (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
”Hide & Seek” [Short] Horror (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Zizag"                                                 [Short] Drama (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Nocturne” [Short] Horror (Canon c200 MKII)
"One Dark Night” [Short] Horror (Canon C200 MKII)
-Winner, Best Cinematography - Independent Horror Movie Awards
-Winner, Best Horror Short - Just 4 Shorts Festival
-Winner - Weak Havic Film Festival

"Angels of St. Katherine” [Short] Drama/horror (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"El Super” [Short] Mockumentary (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"As Long as You Want it…"             [Short] Drama (Canon 5D Mark III)
"Searching for Outlander"              [Short] Drama (Canon 5D Mark III)
"Miracle on Metal St."                       [short] Comdey/Musical (Nikon D800)
"Cinder Pumpkin"                              [Short] pickups, Drama (Arri Alexa)
"Mockingbird Sings"                         [Short] Drama (Canon 5D Mark II)
"Life After Death"                              [Short] Drama (Canon EOS HD)
"Summoned"                                      [Short] Horror/Thriller (Canon EOS HD)
"Game"                                               [Short] Thriller/Drama (HD)
"Bikes Birthday"                                [Short] Comedy (HD)
“Grace of the Gun”                            [Short] Western Drama (HD)
“Step 8”                                              [Short] Drama (HD)

"Toys R Us"                                        [Commercial - Disney] (Red Epic) 
"Blue Water"                                      [Commercial] (RED Epic)                                                                                           "Quest Nutrition Bar Trailer"     [Commercial] (Canon c300)                                            
"Quest Nutrition VR Space"         [Commercial] (Jaunt One)
”Superformance Shelby Spot” [Commercial] (Sony Fs7)
"Toys for Tots"                                  [Commercial - Disney] (Red Epic)
"Hero Bar"                                         [Commercial - Quest Nutrition] (Ursa Mini 4.6k)
"Vietnamese Green Card"             [Commercial] Ursa Mini 4.6k
"Anthem Blue Cross"                      [Commercial] (Canon EOS HD)
"BTS Electrical Parade"                  [Commercial-Disney Land]
"Shrubhub App"                                [Commercial] (Canon EOS HD)
"Eva Secret"                                       [Commercial] (Canon EOS HD)
"Glop & Glam Hair"                         [Commercial] (Canon EOS HD)
"Furniture of America"                  [Commercial] (HD)

"Better Days"                                     [Music Video - Raquel Rodriguez] (Arri Alexa Amira)
"Stud Muffin"                                    [Music Video - Bonnie Mckee] (Canon C300 MKII)
"Talk of this Town"                           [Music Video - Raquel Rodriguez] (Arri Alexa Amira)
"Justin Nguyen” [Music Video - Justin Nguyen] (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Hasta La Fantasia"                           [Music Video - Vanessa Zamora] (RED Epic)
"You’ll Always Love Me” [Music Video - Kaely Yuchno] (Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K)
"Untitled"  (2nd Unit)                      [Music Video - Alekesam] (RED Epic)
"Joker"                                  [Music Video - Kaely Yuchno] (Sony A7RII)
"Pieces of a Man"                               [Music Video - The Lions] (Panasonic HMC-150)
"La Rana"                                            [Music Video] (Canon EOS HD)
"Cycles of Existential Rhyme"      [Music Video - Chicano Batman] (Canon EOS HD)
"Moving Forward"                             [Music Video - Arise Roots] (Canon EOS HD)

"Overhaulin’” [TV, Show, reality] Sony Fs7
"LA Times Oscar Round Tables”[Talk Show] Sony FS7
"LA Times Emmy Round Tables” [Talk Show] Sony FS7
"BCII Road to Riyadh” [TV Show, car show] Sony FS7
"Fortnite Championships” [Live TV] (Panasonic Broadcast)
”ABC Studios Showcase” [Live Event] (Canon c300s)
"Split"                                                  [Webseries] (Canon EOS HD)
"Shades of Stain"                             [Webseries] (Canon EOS HD)
"Blitzed"                                              [Webseries] (Canon EOS HD)
"The Green Girl"                               [Doc] (Sony HD Cam)
"Untitled"                                            [Political satire short] (HD)